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Manage your digital content with bCube, the tool used by major media companies for their digital content since 2009.



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Maximum simplicity, total power

Save time with bCube, while increasing the effectiveness of your writing with features that make a difference.

 bCube avoids the problems of other solutions

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On demand

Totally flexible. If you can imagine it, we can do it.




Our CMS is constantly evolving and incorporates the latest developments generated in the major industry players.

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Fast migration

No loss of traffic, and 24/365 support from our technical service.

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Everything you need

With powerful editing features, user management, roles, permissions, covers and templates.

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A la carta

Totalmente flexible. Si lo puedes imaginar, lo podemos hacer.




Nuestro CMS está en permanente evolución e incorpora los últimos avances generados en los grandes de la industria.

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Migración rápida

Sin pérdida de tráfico, y con una asistencia 24/365 de nuestro servicio técnico.

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Gestión de roles

Con potentes características de edición, gestión de usuarios, roles, permisos, portadas y plantillas.

With bCube, quickly create, edit and publish content


Forget the technology and focus on the news.


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The 4 M's of bCube



Manage different sites, reusing content between them and sharing flows.

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Create multilingual content on the same site.

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Publish and customise the same content for web, AMP, FIA, App...

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Manage different types of content: text, image, video and audio.



Facilitates the work of newsrooms


bCube is versatile and adapts to the needs of each media group, with the capacity to manage large volumes of traffic, users, pages and content without compromising the security or stability of the website.

Design covers in a simple way

Not only of the content they show, but also of their appearance and design, which can be modified from the editor, thanks to a wide catalogue of modules. With powerful tools that allow you to create, save and share templates with the rest of the editorial team to speed up publication.


Create content quickly

Different typologies to cover the different objectives of a digital media: informative, user participation, entertainment, enriched narration... Links to other content, incorporating a powerful recommendation engine. With a search engine 100% integrated in the administrator, to locate content and categories.

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Manage the sites

It has a powerful engine of permissions and roles, 100% configurable from the CMS, to control the work of the different profiles that work in the large media. For smaller media, it allows the generation of automatisms to avoid repetitive manual tasks of the editorial staff in the daily management of content. It responds to the SEO requirements of search engines and users: accessibility, core web vitals, optimised urls, keyword suggestions...



With bCube, get new revenue streams. It has its own administrator to configure content under a paywall, and different access conditions (subscription, registration, IP...). It allows you to personalise marketing messages when browsing the website and create attractive sponsored content (branded content).


bCube integrates with the most popular third-party solutions used by digital publishers


Web analytics, advanced advertising configuration, multi-channel content distribution and news agencies.

Google Analytics Google Ad Manager Comscore GFK
Mailchimp Outbrain Taboola One Signal
Reuters Bloomberg Europapress ACN

In collaboration with

The project with file number 2020/0820/00102062 and title "CMS bCube NX 2020 for digital publication media", has been a beneficiary of the "2020 call for aid for the development of the technological offer in digital content within the framework of the strategic action of the digital economy and society of the state R&D&I programme aimed at the challenges of society and the state programme for business leadership in R&D&I".

The main objective of the project is the development and design of a finished product based on an innovative content management system (CMS) for the media.

We help you with the planning of your project,
and the monetisation of your business


Take advantage of our experience and
knowledge in different platforms,
applications and trends to come up with the 
best technological solution.


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How we work

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Tell us what you need and what you want to achieve.




We study how you work and with which tools, and evaluate the options.

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We present you different solutions and the best way to approach the project.

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We implement the chosen solution and help your media or business grow.

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