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Bitban makes your life easier


Bitban Technologies is a technology company whose main product, bCube CMS, is aimed at corporations that need to generate high volumes of informative and entertaining content for large audiences.

Since 2009, we have been successfully accompanying large media companies in Spain and Latin America in their transformation and digital strategy.

We translate the complexity of technological innovations into simple solutions for your day-to-day work.


Our purpose




Continue being pioneers and contribute to revolutionising communication in the digital world.


Because we believe that every improvement in the way people are informed, every second gained in the publication or access to a news item, every opinion that is reaffirmed or changed with it and every euro saved or generated with the management of the content, counts.





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Simplify the web and make the complex simple, being the best technological partner for all those who share our vision of the world.

We believe in the diversity of sources as a guarantee of freedom and in sharing knowledge to continue generating wealth.



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Seguir siendo pioneros y contribuir a revolucionar la comunicación en el mundo digital


Porque creemos que cada mejora en la manera de informarse, cada segundo ganado en la publicación o acceso a una noticia, cada opinión que se reafirma o cambia con ella y cada euro ahorrado o generado con la gestión del contenido, cuenta.

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Simplificar la web y hacer sencillo lo complejo, siendo el mejor socio tecnológico de todos aquellos que compartan nuestra mirada al mundo

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Creemos en la diversidad de fuentes como garantía de libertad y en compartir conocimiento para seguir generando riqueza

Bitban Team

We are proud of our team. Bitban Team combines practical knowledge, contact with the latest trends, and freshness when facing each challenge. We are CODE LOVERS.


Multidisciplinary team, in continuous training, with extensive technological knowledge, experienced and with perspective, without losing sight of the latest advances.


Developers, technicians, designers and journalists, who manage the most important Internet projects of recent years (Prisa, 20 minutos, Grupo Zeta...).


We guide, define, implement and evolve the CMS and your business. We simplify the web to make your life easier and help you achieve your goals.

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We approach our day-to-day work as a permanent market study, in order to adapt, at all times, to your needs and to offer you innovation.

We are at your disposal, at any time.


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bCube, our CMS: the backbone of your project


The key to a great website is a robust content manager. bCube is designed to facilitate the creation, maintenance and optimal dissemination of digital content through different channels, providing greater control and increasing the effectiveness of the newsroom.


With bCube, publishers save time and money. It is an agile, powerful, multi-device CMS with efficient usability, especially for large media and corporations with large audiences.

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We accompany and advise you in your digital strategy.


We offer you high-level IT consultancy, with experts in SEO, UX, UI and APPS. Bitban Team is one of the most experienced teams in the world in technological advice to large media.

You no longer have to develop new technological solutions, we do it for you.

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Te acompañamos y asesoramos en tu estrategia digital


Te ofrecemos consultoría informática de alto nivel, con expertos en SEO, UX, UI y APPS. Bitban Team es uno de los equipos más experimentados del mundo en el asesoramiento tecnológico a grandes medios de comunicación.


Ya no tendrás que desarrollar nuevas soluciones tecnológicas, lo hacemos nosotros para ti.

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Some of our customers

Over the past two decades, we have helped large corporations transform and automate their processes by helping them develop their digital strategy.

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